A Walk to Ramnagar Fort Museum

Submitted by admin on Thu, 05/09/2019 - 09:40

Museums are a tool for the future generation to understand and appreciate history and culture, and take pride in the achievements of their ancestors. The Ramnagar Fort Museum, or Saraswati Museum, is dedicated to the kings of Ramnagar and their lifestyle. It includes a majestic collection of American vintage cars, costumes, metallic royal palakis (palanquins), an armoury of swords, old guns, ivory work, and antique clocks. Built in the 1750s, the fort is one of the most significant heritage sites of Varanasi. It is located at the edge of the river Ganga as it enters Varanasi, and is a glorious example of the city's architecture. It also offers a great view of the sunset over the river.

On the occasion of International Museum day, join us on this walk look at the jewels of Varanasi through this museum.

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Near Ramnagar Fort museum ticket counter
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04:00 pm