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Zoology Museum, Dantuluri Narayana Raju College, Balusumudi, Bhimavaram, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
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Dantuluri Narayana Raju College (D.N.R), formerly known as West Godavari Bhimavaram (W.G.B) College, was established in 1945 in the agrarian Godavari region to make higher education accessible to its people. The college has been dedicated in the upkeep of its Zoology Museum for more than fifty years. Set up in a 1200 sq. ft. hall in the college premises, the specimens (collected by both staff and students of the Zoology Department) are displayed in glass showcases. Suspended in these glass cases, one can view specimens of Euplectella, Hyalonema, Phakelia, Chaetopterus, Basket Starfish, Lepidosiren, Protopterus, Amia, Lepidosteus, Acipencer Polypterus, Siren, Amphiuma, Poison-Arrow Frog, Phrynosoma Crotalus, European Viper, Japanese Snakes, Opossum and Kangaro, to name a few. 
Skeletons of different vertebrates and 250 specimens of fish that come from the rivers Krishna, Godavari and Kolleru and from places like Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Gollapalem, Machilipatnam, Cochin and Mumbai are also displayed in the museum along with informational charts that explicate the zoogeographical information about various species. Additionally,  postage stamps with illustrations of animals are also preserved and available for viewing. 
The College Science Improvement Programme, a scheme by the University Grants Commission has proven to be useful in the expansion and maintenance of their collection.

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