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Botany Museum, Dantuluri Narayana Raju College, Balusumudi, Bhimavaram, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
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Maintained by the Botany Department of Dantuluri Narayana Raju College (D.N.R), the Botany Museum houses a collection of specimens that have been collected by staff and students on educational field trips. Donated exhibits like Dawsonia, Glossopteris and Phylloglossum from Australia; Bryophytes of Iowa; rare marine algae from Krusadai Island of Tamil Nadu and carnivorous plants from Assam, along with other displays can be found in the 1000 sq. ft. hall that functions as the museum. Physiology apparatuses, fossils, models, herbarium sheets and photographs line the display almirahs and the walls. 
The botanical, vernacular and Sanskrit names of medicinal indigenous plants identified by Dhanvanthari Nighantuvu are recorded in the archives of the museum. Apart from the displays and categorisations that are of academic value to the students, there is a separate herbarium that has a collection of local plants identified up to the species level by Sri R.P. Rama Rao under the section ’Flora of Bhimavaram’. The museum has also benefited from the College Science Improvement Programme, a scheme by the University Grants Commission.

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