Live Broom Making Demonstration with Arna Jharna Museum

Submitted by Abhinav on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 20:55

Join us for a broom-making demonstration organized by Mr. Kuldeep Kothari, Secretary of Rupayan Sansthan with artisans from the Kholi community in Rajasthan. Kuldeep ji runs an ethnographic museum named Arna Jharna: The Thar Desert Museum, which was envisioned by Padma Bhusan Komal Kothari, based on indigenous knowledge of people living in rural Rajasthan.

Arna Jharna Museum's broom exhibition sheds light on the natural materials available, based on different staple food zones of Rajasthan, procurement of raw material for broom making, process of making brooms, its use on different surfaces, and finally its socioeconomic and environmental connotations.

Arna Jharna Museum
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